Jacob's Wolf Pack

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Jacob's Wolf Pack

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Tutorial Title: Jacob's WolfPack
Written By: DesignsByKarma
Written on: May 28, 2009

This tutorial assumes you have a good working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro and its tools. It was written in PspX2 but may be done in previous versions. My tutorials are from my own creative imagination any resemblance to other tutorials is strictly coincidental. If I am using a brush, mask, frame, tube, template or preset that belongs to you and I do not have you listed please let me know which items is yours and give me a link to your site so I can give you credit and a link!!

Materials: Not Included:
ScrapKit: AMZ_WolfPack: ZiggyFanScraps
Template: FI_Template2: Frosted Illusions
Images: Twilight (can be found by doing a search) my images came from Simply Twilight
Font: Almagro (Jacob's Handwriting) : Bella and Edward

Settings: Used throughout Tutorial:
3-D Drop Shadow Settings:
0, 0, 50, 5.00 Color: #a99053
Inner Bevel Settings:
#2: 9,0,3,0,0,315,50,30

Let's Begin! Unzip all materials!

Tutorial: Instructions

1) Open up template: Shift+D: Close Original template for use later. Delete the following layers: Details Layer and Dottie Lines.

2) Activate Grey Rectangle: CRTL+A, CRTL+F, CTRL+SHIFT+F. CRTL+H: 2

3) Open WolfPack_Paper2_ZiggyFan_Scraps, CRTL+C and close.

4) On the template CTRL+L, CTRL+SHIFT+I, Delete, CRTL+D, Apply the drop-shadow above. Now Delete the Grey Rectangle layer

5) Activate Wide Grey Strips: Repeat Step 2:

6) Open WolfPack_Paper1_ZiggyFan_Scraps, CTRL+C and close.

7) Repeat step 4. Remember to delete the Wide Grey Strips.

8. Activate Lower hearts. Repeat Step 2. New Layer: Flood Fill with color: #9f213d: Apply the inner bevel above. CRTL+D: Add drop shadow: Delete the Lower Hearts layer

9) Repeat step 8. for upper hearts layer.

10) Activate Black Strip: Repeat Step 2.

11) Open WolfPack_Paper4_ZiggyFan_Scraps, CRTL+C and close

12) On the template, CTRL+L, Move the paper far Left, CRTL+SHIFT+I, Delete, CTRL+D, Repeat step 2. CRTL+L, Move paper to far right, CRTL+SHIFT+I, Delete, CRTL+D, Merge Down. Delete Black Strip Layer. Add drop-shadow

13) Activate Inner 1 layer: Repeat step 2.

14) Open up your image, CTRL+C and close

15) Repeat step 4.Be sure to move your image into the heart to your liking. Remember to delete Inner 1 layer.

16) Repeat steps 14 and 15 for the remaining inner layers.

17) Activate Heart Frame1 Layer. Repeat step 2 and 8. Merge Heart Frame Down. Repeat with remaining Heart Frame Layers.

18) Open WolfPack_WordArt-Jacob_ZiggyFan_Scraps, Resize: 60% Smart Size: CRTL+C and close

19) On the template CTRL+L and move the word art in the center of the bottom line see mine for positioning. Add inner bevel and drop shadow

20) Open WolfPack_Wolf_ZiggyFan_Scraps, Resize: 32 % Smart Size: CRTL+C and close

21) On the template CTRL+L and move to the right side of the word art. Add Drop Shadow.

22) Open WolfPack_PawPrints_ZiggyFan_Scraps, Using your selection tool draw around one of the paws I am using the brown one. CRTL+C and close.

23) On the Template CTRL+L, Resize: 65 % Smart Size, Move to Upper Left Hand corner. See mine for positioning. CTRL+R: Left, 15.32. Add Drop Shadow

24) Hide Background Layer. Merge Visible The Other layers. Make Sure your merged layer is active. CRTL+C, SHIFT+INSERT. Now Merge all

25) Add your text. My settings are Font: Almagro Size: 55 Stroke: 0.3 Foreground: Null BackGround: Black. I added the drop shadow above just changed the color to the one we used for the hearts.

26) resize to your liking and add your copyright (site if you are using images, your tag information or PTU artists Information) and license number (if you are using PTU art)

You have just completed: Jacob's WolfPack...Thank you for trying my tutorials.
Designs By Karma


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